Saturday – 18th November 2017 @ The Light TEMPLE

Milonga Course + Special Milonga with Guest DJ: John Erban

6-8pm Milonga Course
8-9pm práctica
9pm – 2am milonga. DJ: John Erban

During your Master the Milonga Fun Week-End Course, you will follow a step-by-step learning plan to:
-Understand & practice the difference between the Tango & Milonga rhythm
-Learn the most useful Milonga steps so that you always know how to dance, however quick the music is
-Learn easy ways to use Traspié to add playfulness to your Milonga
-Strengthen your core and leg muscles and improve your posture
-Develop precision in your leading/following

Who this is for: 
-You feel that you can’t completely enjoy social dancing as you do not feel comfortable dancing milonga.
-You are looking for the Fun of tango dancing, in addition to the intense feelings.
-You want to fast track your tango dancing journey during the week-end.
-You have been dancing for at least 4 months and are have social dancing experience (required)
-You want to get challenged and are determined to improve the quality of your dancing.

Limited spaces only: to ensure the highest standard of teaching, we accept only 12 leaders and 12 followers (you can rotate partners or stay with the same partner).



Address: inside the TAB Centre – 3 Godfrey Place. E27NT. Shoreditch / London.

Mobile/WhatsApp: (0044) 7957559174